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"10/10 would recommend Dane to anyone that was looking for a wilderness adventure with everything done for you. His knowledge is fantastic and he tells brilliant camp fire stories".

—  Georgia, Norwegian Camping 2019 

"I have done tours all around the world and Dane is the best guide I have ever travelled with". 

- Victoria, Norwegian camping 2018

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A unique wildlife tour, a camping experience without the hassle

Fulufjellet Natioanl Park is connected to another National Park on the Swedish boarder, this park is playing an important roll in rewilding efforts in Norway. It's plateau, bogs and forests are home to a plethora of wildlife from Elk, Bears, Wolves, Lynx and Wolverines and bird life such as Capercaillie, Golden eagles and other birds not found in the UK my personal favourites are the Serbian jay and Hawk owl these are a few of the species that we might be lucky enough to see on our Norwegian wildlife tour.

On this Wildlife tour you will be enjoying a Norwegian wildlife camping safari experience and will feel a world away from the rest of the world and can relax and get back to nature.

Doing a Norwegian wildlife photography tour you will travel around Norway going to different national parks, Norway is home to some of the most beautiful scenery found in the world and has some of the most iconic wildlife found in Europe. The wildlife you may see on this Norwegian wildlife photography tour are Elk, Bears and Musk ox and bird life such as Capercaillie, Golden eagles, Serbian jays and Hawk owls. On the Norwegian wildlife photography tour you will be accompanied by two guides a wildlife guide and a photographer, so working together they will find the wildlife and help you get amazing pictures.

Norway is rich in culture and on the Norwegian cultural tour you will travel around Norway visiting towns that most tourist don't visit. Going to see museums, Parks, distilleries, and wildlife just to name a few. You will also learn about Norway's folklore from its Gods to the mythical beast that were once thought to inhabit Norway. On most Norwegian cultural tours you are giving free days to explore but on this Norwegian cultural tour you will be accompanied by a guide for the whole tour so you can relax and enjoy yourself. 


 I trained in South Africa so my style of guiding differs from most European Wildlife Guides. I am a tracker, a Trails Guide and I have qualifications in Nature Conservation. Whatever wildlife experience you are looking for - hiking, birding, photography or tracking; I can tailor a tour to fit your needs.


My dog Reko and I would be delighted to be your hosts. 

5% of my annual net profits are donated to NOAH, an animal right charity 

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