Norwegian Cultural Tour

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On this Norwegian cultural tour you will explore parts of Norway that most tourists don't visit such as Elverum and Hamar. Unlike most Norwegian cultural tours that do free days for you to explore the towns yourself but on this Norwegian cultural tour you will be accompanied by a guide for the entire tour and they will take you to the best places to see, so you can just relax and enjoy your time in Norway.

On this Norwegian cultural tour you will also learn about Norwegian folklore from the Norse gods to the mythical creatures that were once thought to inhabit Norway, . 

DAY 1: You will be pick you up at Garermoen airport and will be taken to Oslo where you can settle into the hotel and have refreshments. you will then explore the town 

DAY 2:  After Breakfast we will go to the Vigeland park which is full of world famous statues by Gustav Vigelanand. After we leave the park we will go for lunch then go to the Oslo reptile park a small zoo which contains animals such as mammals, birds and reptiles, this is a real hidden gem in Oslo. We will then relax and have dinner.

Day 3: After breakfast we will travel to Hamar, you can settle into the hotel get refreshments then explore the town. 

DAY 4: After breakfast we will go to the Domkirkeodden museum which is one of the largest medieval museums in Norway, providing an insight into viking era and throughout the middle ages. After lunch we will then go to Atlungstad distillery and you will learn about the distilling of Aquavit which is a popular drink in Nordic countries. We will then go to dinner.  

DAY 5: travel We will travel to Fulufjellet outside of Trysil where you will spend the day with a wildlife guide looking for iconic Norwegian wildlife and also learn about Norwegian folklore.

DAY 6: After breakfast we will travel to Elverum have lunch and then go to Glomdalsmuseet museum which is an open air museum and indoors as well giving an interesting insight into Norwegian historical lifestyle and amazing looking buildings. and explore the town 

DAY 7: You will leave  travel back to gardermoen airport,

Other activites that can be added to this Norwegian cultural tour are wall climbing, trampoline park, train museum and art museums just a few suggestions. We can tailor this Norwegian cultural tour to fit your needs and interests.



Vigeland park

Oslo reptile park

Domkirkeodden museum

Atlungstad distillery

Day with a wildlife guide

Glomdalsmuseet museum

Other activities that can be added to this tour are. 

Wall climbing 

Trampoline park

Train museum

Art galleries 

You will be staying at a B&B or a hotel

£ 1800

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