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Norwegian Wildlife Tours 


 Tistel Wildlife Guiding operates in Fulufjellet National Park, Hedmark, Norway.

This Norwegian wildlife tour offers a walking safari in the Norwegian wilderness you will explore the forest and mountain range of the National Park. The Park contains Elk and also Norway's four large predators: bears, wolves, lynx and wolverines. As for bird life, there are golden eagles, Hawk owl, capercaillies, different grouse species and various passerine species such as pipits and bramblings. 
As we will be in a National Park seeing wildlife is not guaranteed but I will do my best to find wildlife for you. You will be able to use a portable toilet and a solar powered shower so you will have some level of home comfort. We will also use solar panels so you will be able to charge your cameras and phones so you do not have to worry about the battery life while in the National Park. 


DAY 1This wildlife tour will begin with me collecting you at the airport or another arranged location and then we will travel to Fulufjellet National Park to begin the Norwegian wildlife tour we can then relax have our dinner and go on an evening walk.  


Day 2:  In the morning we will have our breakfast and set out into the National Park on the first day we will head down to the river this walk will take us through the National park which some parts have a healthy Capercaillie population down by the river we often find bear spoor and scat. We will stop for lunch during the day and learn about Norwegian folklore, once we get back you can relax and then I will prepare dinner. After dinner we can either take a short walk or just relax around the campsite.


Day 3: In the morning we will go for a morning drive this is one of the best times to see Elk, after we get back you can relax or go back to sleep. After breakfast we will walk up the plateau which will give you a great view of the national park. We will have our lunch we will have our lunch and you can learn about Norwegian folklore. After relaxing and we can have dinner, after dinner we can either have a short walk around to see wildlife or just relax around the campsite (if you are wanting a shower it is best to do that in the evening after the water has had a chance to warm up the water is normally nice and warm).

Day 4: After breakfast we will go to another part of the National Park and explore, we will stop for lunch and learn about Norwegian folklore. Once we get back to camp you can relax and I will make dinner. After dinner we can either relax around the camp or go for a short walk looking for wildlife.

Day 5: After breakfast you can either do an added extra such as white water rafting or horse back riding or we can spend the day in the National park looking for wildlife. We will stop for lunch during the day. In the evening I will make dinner and after that you can relax around the campsite. At night we will do a night watch sitting looking for wildlife such as Elk, Owls ans hopefully bears, we will also use audio of wolf howling to see if we get a response.

Day 6: Normally people start getting tired on the 6th day so you can have a sleep in and after breakfast we will spend time walking up the stream looking for reptiles, amphibian, insects and mammals. We will go back to camp for lunch and relax.  After dinner and a relax it's best to start packing your bags to get ready for leaving the next day. 

Day 7: We will wake up have breakfast and you will then be returned to the airport to end the Norwegian wildlife tour. 

10% of annual net profit will be donated to NOAH an animal right charity in Norway, so you can be happy in the knowledge that some of your money will be going to help animals in Norway and internationally. Please click the button for more details 


You will be staying in a walk in Tipi style tent. It has 3 rooms, a living space and two bedrooms which can be transformed into one large bedroom. 

There are raised camping beds, for your comfort and you will also find a blanket and hot water bottle on your bed, should the nights get chilly. 

There is a portable, compost toilet and a solar powered shower, topped up with hot water from the camp fire!


Adults: £720

Children (Under 18): £400


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