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Watching Mammals in Scotland

On this Scottish wildlife tour you will be able to see the Iconic Scottish wildlife.

Red deer are probably the most Iconic Scottish animal and I have seen these amazing creatures up close so for the most part I do not need binoculars to watch them, Red deer are common in Scotland

Red deer are the largest terrestrial mammal in Scotland the males can grow 1.3 meters to the shoulder to the shoulder and weigh 240 kg (530 lb).

When the stags are

growing their antlers they can grow 2.5 cm a day during this time they will be covered in a natural cover called velvet once the antler has stopped growing the stag will rub it off things such as a tree. You may have seen pictures of stags that look like they have been goring something because of the blood in the velvet protecting the antler.

Red deer have evolved to live in woodlands so the open moors and bare mountains in Scotland are not ideal for Red deers and is not the natural landscape of Scotland.

Stags go into rut in September and October, this time of the year is a great time to watch stags seeing their impressive fights and they come down lower from the hill tops so they are much easier to find.

Roe deers are one of the mostly common deer species in Scotland and is found throughout much of the country Rutting starts in June and August and give birth during May and June. Red deer are believed to be the only deer species to use delayed implantation which means instead of getting pregnant when they mate the Roe deer waits until winter to impregnate her eggs.

During the mating courtship Roe deers will follow each other either around a tree or in the open, the males will follow the female to try and impress her they cause a ring in the ground which is known as a roe ring.

People used to believed these roe rings were caused by the devil dancing and playing the fiddle putting a curse on the farm meaning the crops of the farm or the towns will fail.

Red Squirrels are always a popular Scottish animal, matting occures during the first few months of the year, during the mating rituals the males will chase after the female to show how fast and how much endurance he has. Red squirrels will also adopt baby Squirrels or kits if abandoned but they only do this if they are related to the kits.

Red Squirrels have more of a varied diet than most people think they do eat from pine cones but they also eat berries, fungi, shoots and will also eat insects. Red Squirrels will chew on antlers and bones for calcium and will also store food for when times get bad.

Red Squirrels live in what is known as a drey which is constructed of twigs, grass and moss, it can be very difficult to see as it blends in with the tree.

Otters are mustelids so are related to animals such as ferrets and wolverines. Otters are 1.3 meters long and can weigh 15 kg there breeding season can occur throughout the year.

Otters main diet of fish but will eat invertebrate but they have been known to eat small mammals and birds. Otters live in a burrow or shelter known as a holt.

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